2018 Year of the Yang Earth Dog, how will Donald Trump perform this year?

After Donald Trump’s first year in the White House, his performance as President has met with overwehlming disapprovals. He has achieved the lowest approval ratings of any US President. He makes claims that the success for US economies and low employments are of his leadership. Using 4 Pillars of Destiny, I would like to demonstrate what the Year of the Dog has in store for his presidency.

Donald Trump was born 14/6/1946 at 10:54 am in New York. He is strong Yin Earth person, born in Dog year, on a Goat day and currently in 10 Years Luck of Yin Metal Ox (Earth).

Hour                     Day                        Month                 Year

Yin Earth             Yin Earth              Yang Wood        Yin Fire

Snake (Fire)       Goat (Earth)       Horse (Fire)        Dog (Earth)


These are his 10 Year Luck Pillars.

57.4yo                  67.4yo                  77.4yo

Yang Metal         Yin Metal            Yang Water

Rat (Water)        Ox (Earth)           Tiger (Wood)

In the last November and December 2017, Donald Trump had positive progress with his politics. A minority of his Republican opponents decided to come on his side, suddenly. This is no surprise to me, because of the Zodiac animals, Pig and Rat, which are his Nobleman Star; were ruling November and December, are favourable to him. A Nobleman Star is like the Angel which comes to rescue in times of need.

Below I have listed out the ruling dates of each Zodiac Animal month by month.

The Rat Month ends on 4 January. The Ox takes over.  Thus, the return of a difficult year begins for Donald Trump. The Yang Earth Dog (Earth) Year begins on 4 February, and the unpleasantness will intensify for him.

As I was writing this analysis, Michael Wolff decided to release his book Fire and Fury. And it happened exactly on the first day of the Ox month, 5th of January.

2018 – Yang Earth Dog (Earth) Year.

As you can see, Earth is the main Element that will influence this year. We have experienced the last 2 years of favourable Fire, 2016 Yang Fire Monkey (Metal) and 2017 Yin Fire Rooster (Metal), which actually drove up the optimism and the share markets to record heights. You see, to the Fire Element, Metal is its Money Element. The Dog is the Grave of Fire Animal, thus there is still some Fire influence in it, but depleting fast. It is because, the Yang Earth above the Dog will weaken the little Fire energy left in the Dog, as Fire produces Earth.

Earth is like Mother Earth, standing up strong and proud in 2018. Since Mother Earth is a female figure, women around the world will be fighting to gain more recognitions and their equal rights. Unfortunately, Donald Trump proposed to remove the fracking restrictions, implemented by Barack Obama. Thus, the Mother Earth is going to be vulnerable.

The Dog, when combines with the Goat and Ox from his Pillars, intensifies the Earth Penalty. This influence will weaken Trump, as this Earth Penalty will destabilize his Earthly Branch. Thus, his foundation will weaken. In some ways, the Mother Earth will strike back.

Trump stepped into his Yin Metal Ox (Earth) 10 Years Luck Pillar since he turned 67.4 years old. The Ox is in Clash Relationship with his Goat, which occupies his House of Spouse. Thus, the negative rumours about his marriage could have some truth in them. According to Fire and Fury, he is already living separately from Melania. Trump will step into the last 5 years of this 10 Years Luck Pillar in 2018. The negative influence of the Ox will strengthen. The Ox-Goat Clash and Earth Penalty will intensify on him.

How else is the Yang Earth Dog year going to be difficult for Donald Trump?

The strong Earth influence is unfavourable to him. He is a Yin Earth person; the Yang Earth Dog is much stronger, therefore has advantage. This means, Trump will face challenges, opponents and competitors who are in a better position than him.

He is born on the Yang Wood Horse (Fire) month. Yang Wood is his Power Element, his presidency. But this Yang Wood meets Yang Earth of this Dog (Earth) Year. To the Wood, Earth is its Money Element. Thus, Trump’s Power Element will be distracted and will ‘follow the money’.

Fire and Fury exposes more about Donald Trump’s strange personality, especially about his ‘childish’ behavior. There were reports about how he looks up to men with power. This is clearly represented in his 4 Pillars. Yang Wood occupies his Father Position. Yang Wood, Trump’s Power Element, and is in Combine Relationship with his self-element, Yin Earth.

The other point is, in his 4 Pillars of Destiny you can find 3 further Earth Elements. This explains his nature that he is constantly seeking attention and affirmation, because there are others of his similar self-element, surrounding him, who compete with him for Yang Wood’s attention.

That he as many similar elements present in his 4 Pillars, it means that he has many Friends as well as Competitors. Thus, his nature of ‘throwing someone under the bus’, is no surprise to me. Trump knows very well, that in order to save himself, he will sacrifice his Friends, even his family. Please let me highlight that the Hour Pillar represents his Children.

The Ox-Goat Clash and Earth Penalty will have not only negative effects on his House of Spouse. Since his House of Spouse is occupied by a female, it means that his unfavourable Luck will caused upon and also by other females too. Just like on his Inauguration Day, that thousands of women went on the street to demonstrate against him and the lawsuits against him due to sexual misconduct.

How will the Robert Mueller’s investigations be successful in impeaching Trump?

Base on my analysis that the Yang Earth Dog year will be unfavourable to Trump, he will face a very rocky year ahead. If he manages to fight through the Dog year, he will have 2 favourable years. The Pig (2019) and Rat (2020) years will bring him favourable influences. Trump also had 2 favourable years behind him – 2016 (Monkey) when he won the Presidency, 2017 (Rooster) that he still could hang on to his presidency despite his very low approval ratings. So, it depends on the months in 2018, that Robert Mueller will press forward with the interrogation and if impeachment, in order to have a change of leadership. Below, I have the favourable and unfavourable months for Trump.

4 Feb – 4 Mar Yang Wood Tiger (Wood) – unfavourable

5 Mar – 4 Apr Yin Wood Rabbit (Wood) – favourable

5 Apr – 5 May Yin Fire Snake (Fire) – unfavourable

6 Jun – 6 Jul Yang Earth Horse (Fire) – unfavourable

7 Jul – 6 Aug Yin Earth Goat (Earth) – unfavourable

7 Aug – 7 Sep Yang Metal Monkey (Metal) – favourable

8 Sep – 7 Oct Yin Metal Rooster (Metal) – favourable

8 Oct – 6 Nov Yang Water Dog (Earth) – unfavourable

7 Nov – 6 Dec Yin Water Pig (Water) – favourable

7 Dec – 4 Jan Yang Wood Rat (Water) – favourable

5 Jan – 3 Feb Yin Wood Ox (Earth) – unfavourable


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