100 Days of Donald #Trump #POTUS

I am not making any political opinions on Donald Trump and his 100 days, as the current President of USA administration. You can get such views from political professors and analysts from reliable news channels. But I want to demonstrate, how the constellation of a date, with help of Chinese Astrology, can affect the success or failures of important adventures and undertakings. This is simply known as Date Selection.
Here, I will show you, how the Inauguration day of Donald Trump was not favourable to him, so is his 100th Day.
In part 2, I will include comparisons of Inaugurations with previous US Presidents.

Donald Trump was inaugurated on the 20 January 2017, after 12:00 noon. Below is the 4 Pillars of this moment and date.
Time                  Day                     Month           Year
Yang Fire          Yin Fire             Yin Metal       Yang Fire
Horse (Fire)    Goat (Earth)     Ox (Earth)     Monkey (Metal)

It was reported that the day prior to Inauguration, there were already demonstrations in many cities in USA and Europe. On the Inauguration Day, there were further protests, and even fights in Washington. The one that stood out, were the women’s protest in many cities.
The Inauguratioin Day, 20 January, was not a good day for any new venture or beginning. It was a Goat day in the Ox month. The Goat and Ox are in ‚Clash Relationship‘ with one another.
On the Heavenly Branch, you can see many of Fire Elements attacking the single Metal. Only Fire can destroy Metal.

How is 20 January not a favourable day for Donald Trump?
Here is Donald Trump’s 4 Pillars of Destiny. He was born on 14 June 1946 at 10:54 am in New York.
Hour                 Day                  Month             Year
Yin Earth        Yin Earth         Yang Wood    Yin Fire
Snake (Fire)   Goat (Earth)   Horse (Fire)   Dog (Earth)

You can see that he was born on a Goat Day. That position is also called “House of Spouse“, thus his wife or woman position. Again, the Ox month is in “Clash Relationship“ the Goat.
Donald Trump is a Yin Earth person. To his self-element, Earth; the Water Element represents his Woman Element. Going back to the 4 Pillars of the Inauguration Day, there were many Fire Elements showed up on that day in the Heavenly Stem. Fire is “Clash Relationship“ with Water. Thus, many women took to the streets to voice their protest.
Furthermore, when the Goat, the Ox and the Dog (his Year Animal) come together, they form “Earth Penalty“. Hence, more unfavourable influences for Donald Trump.
That he is a Yin Earth person, other Earth Elements can be his Friend as well as Competitor Elements. Thus on his Inauguration Day, there were “Earth Penalty“ from the formation of Goat, Ox and Dog, plus Earth Clash of Ox and Goat, it means his friends were not in a favourable position as well. His competitors or opponents were agitated too.

And today, his 100th Day as President, is also not a favourable day. This is the 4 Pillars of 29 April 2017, 11:30 pm.
Day                  Month                    Year
Yang Fire        Yang Wood           Yin Fire
Dog (Earth)    Dragon (Earth)    Rooster (Metal)
It is a Dog Day in the Dragon Month. These 2 Earth Animals are also in “Clash Relationship“ with one another. Just like I mentioned above, Donald Trumps’s self-element is Earth. His Friend and Competitor Elements are also Earth. Thousands of protesters from all over USA converge in Washington, to further voice their disapproval.

The Dog and the Dragon are the only not “Nobleman Stars‘ of the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs. “Nobleman Star“ is like an angel or friend who will come to help you in times of trouble and need.
When the Day Master is in “Clash Relationship“ with the Month Animal, it is also not a favourable day to begin nor end a venture.