Friday, the 13 Novermber 2015, #Paris #Pray4Paris #ParisAttacks

The world is moved by the tragic incident in Paris which happened on Friday the 13 November 2015. This act of terror has taken many innocent lives. Questions of the whereabouts of security and proctections came up, especially after a series of attacks in various parts of France. Although journalists and tourists have noticed significant increase of police and army personnel around Paris.

Let’s examine the 4 Pillars of that situation, as the first of the 6 attacks happened at about 21:20 local Paris time, till the last one at Bataclan concert hall, at 21:49.

Time                Day                   Month            Year
Yang Water    Yin Water        Yin Fire         Yin Wood
Dog (Earth)    Snake (Fire)    Pig (Water)   Goat (Earth)

Firstly, I would like to highlight the elements of the month and day. You can see the month’s Yin Fire showed up on the Pig, a Water animal; and the day’s Yin Water on Snake, a Fire animal. There were 3-way total Water-Fire clashes. The Pig and Snake are in clash-relationship; the strong Water element attacked the Fire element, which signifies gun fire, explosions and blood.
May I point out that the Pig and Snake are both Travelling Stars. Was it a coincidence that Paris, the most famous tourist destination, was chosen for the attack?

It was at about 21:20 when the first bomb went off in the vicinity of Stade de France, where a football match between Germany and France took place. You can see that Yang Water showed up in the Hour Pillar; and it is also the season in which Water is strongest. The Water element signifies fear.
Moreover the ruling animal of the hour was the Dog. The Dog is one of the 2 Zodiac Animals, that are not Nobleman Stars. The Nobleman is a Star that brings help to any situation, like an angel.
Thus, fear showed up in the absence of any Nobleman Star.

According to, the last of the 6 attacks that night, at the Bataclan concert hall, happened at about 21:49; when the attackers stormed into the concert hall. A few moments later, there is a significant change in the Hour Pillar, from Yang Water Dog (Earth) to Yin Water Pig (Water).
You can see the 4 Pillars are all Yin elements, the strong Water attacking the weak Fire, which is also the symbol for joy. Thus the targeted places were places where people were enjoying their Friday evenings.
This Yin Water Pig Hour Pillar, which reigns for the next 2 hours, can be described as the darkest and most Yin moment of all 60 Hexagram combinations of elements.

Time              Day                   Month           Year
Yin Water     Yin Water        Yin Fire         Yin Wood
Pig (Water)   Snake (Fire)   Pig (Water)   Goat (Earth)

It was reported that after midnight the special forces stormed into the Bataclan concert hall. Thus a new day has begun, the 4 Pillars changed significantly, 01:00 on the 14 November 2015.
You can see Yang Wood showed up in the Hour and Day Pillars. Yang Wood signifies a new birth and hope.

Time               Day                 Month             Year
Yang Wood    Yang Wood    Yin Fire           Yin Wood
Rat (Water)   Horse (Fire)   Pig (Water)    Goat (Earth)