Harvey Weinstein, the case of a film mogul and Hollywood actresses

Harvey Weinstein, once respected and feared Hollywood film mogul, suddenly faces consequences of his sexual misconducts. It was reported that some people had helped in suppressing those accusations and report to expose him in New York Post (NYT) in 2004. But, why now are those accusations, and fresh ones, finally made public?

Let me use BaZiSuanMing (Chinese Horoscope) to explain Harvey Weinstein’s luck. He was born on 19th March 1952. His time of birth is unknown. Below are his known 3 Pillars of Destiny.

Day                      Month                    Year

Yang Wood       Yin Water               Yang Water

Rat (Water)     Rabbit (Wood)       Dragon (Earth)

Harvey Weinstein is a Yang Wood person, born in the Yang Water Dragon year, Yin Water Rabbit month. A Yang Wood person born with many Water Elements in his Pillars, is like a big strong tree with lots of water to keep it growing. Hence, he has always been producing films, and  consulting film stars and film projects. It was reported that in 2004 a NYT journalist who tried to get her article about his sexual misconducts published, but that article got nowhere. 2004 was a Monkey year, and Weinstein was 52yo, in the 10 Years Luck Pillar of Yang Earth Monkey. The Monkey is in Combine Relationship with his other 2 Cycle of Water Animals – Rat and Dragon.

Harvey Weinstein’s 10 Years Luck Pillars

45yo                              55yo                            65yo                        75yo

Yang Earth                  Yin Earth                    Yang Metal           Yin Metal

Monkey (Metal)        Rooster (Metal)          Dog (Earth)           Pig (Water)

Back to the question, why those accusations surface now? We are in 2017, Yin Fire Rooster (Metal) year. Weinstein stepped into his 10 Year Luck Pillar of Yang Metal Dog after he turned 65yo. Firstly, to his Yang Wood self-element, Earth is his Woman Element, that is represented by his birth year animal, Dragon. His Woman Element is hiding underneath in his Earthly Branch. So, all his affairs and those accusations involving many women have remained unknown to the public.

Firstly, the 10 Year Luck Pillar of Dog (Earth) is in Clash Relationship with the Dragon (Earth). This Clash has caused those accusations suddenly to reach the public.

Secondly, this Dog-Dragon Clash brings another trouble to Weinstein. The Yang Metal sitting on top of the Dog, is like a big axe come chopping at his self-element, Wood. This Yang Metal has a strong base, the Dog. (Earth produces Metal) To his self-element, Yang Metal is the Power Element. This can be also interpreted as Stress and Authority Elements. Since Weinstein has more than sufficient Water Elements in his 3 Pillars, he does not need his Resources Element to be strengthened by the Yang Metal. (Metal produces Water) Therefore, this Yang Metal is an unfavourable Element.

The new article was published by NYT on 5th October on a Ox day in a Rooster Month. Since 8th October, a Yang Earth Dragon Day in a Dog Month, fresh accusations of misconducts started to pop up everyday.

There are 2 other points I would like to highlight. To Weinstein, the strong Rabbit in his Month Pillar is his Nobleman Star. The Rabbit is also a Wood Animal. This means that he has friends in his same field of work who are always coming to help him out. But why not now anymore? It is because, the Rooster year is in Clash Relationship with the Rabbit. The Dog is not only in Clash Relationship with his Dragon, the Dog is also in Combine Relationship with the Rabbit. This can also mean that his Nobleman Star is ‚attracted away‘.

There were some reports of Weinstein already has some financial issues. This does not surprise me. To his self-element, Earth is also his Money Element. This Dog-Dragon Clash has put pressure in his financial situation too.

The coming 2018 is going to be a Dog year. Will Harvey Weinstein’s situation ease off easily? Neither will Donald Trump’s problems go away, who publicly mocked Weinstein, while neglecting his own.